Sunday, March 28, 2010


I think when your interest in fashion was born after your love for art; you kind of develop an enthusiasm that is a bit of both - fashion illustration. What better way to show why I am particularly fond of it other than showcasing a Manolo Blahnik drawing? Admittedly, I'm not familiar with his work at all. But his drawings stamp such a firm print in my head that I go flipping through some recent Vogues so I can take some pictures of them (I only found one, as you can see).

His drawings are perfect: the shape, the fine details, the way light reflects off it and of course the actual design. I can't draw shoes, period. No wait, I can't draw a lot of things... And I'm not even being modest. So it's no surprise I'm left extra amazed at his talent.

Oh and after Googling more designs, I discovered he actually has a book named - surprise surprise - Manolo Blahnik Drawings. Something I'll definitely be hunting down.


divine bunny said...

yes please. that is so fantastic love your site!!


Aimee said...

oh my, seeing Manolo Blahnik's draawings never cease to amaze me.