Sunday, March 28, 2010


I think when your interest in fashion was born after your love for art; you kind of develop an enthusiasm that is a bit of both - fashion illustration. What better way to show why I am particularly fond of it other than showcasing a Manolo Blahnik drawing? Admittedly, I'm not familiar with his work at all. But his drawings stamp such a firm print in my head that I go flipping through some recent Vogues so I can take some pictures of them (I only found one, as you can see).

His drawings are perfect: the shape, the fine details, the way light reflects off it and of course the actual design. I can't draw shoes, period. No wait, I can't draw a lot of things... And I'm not even being modest. So it's no surprise I'm left extra amazed at his talent.

Oh and after Googling more designs, I discovered he actually has a book named - surprise surprise - Manolo Blahnik Drawings. Something I'll definitely be hunting down.

Monday, March 22, 2010


While ancient art is much easier to appreciate, modern art seems harder to understand and the worst insult of those who don't understand is to not even consider it art. "Nope, that's not art!" My dad would shout as we watch David Dimbleby's Seven Ages of Britain where some very expressive and imaginative artists were featured. I would shout back in my head, "what is art? How can it not be art when it channels fierce emotions?" The artist we disagreed about was Francis Bacon and the piece that made his name: 'Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion'.

It was first displayed after the Second World War (London's Tate I think) and it shows the brutal sufferings endured in the war. At first you can't really tell that it is, except perhaps: is that a chicken or summat in the middle? Then at a closer look, you see distorted parts of the human body combined harsh and grotesque but distinctively animal features. And it is this distortion that screams ruthlessness. There is no vision in the first painting as it is hidden by hair neither on the second for it's been taken away by a blindfold nor the third for the painter excludes eyes altogether, portraying a sense of uncertainty. It's certainly miserable and sad and repulsive and despairing.

Yet I still like it, even if it's not light and fluffy.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

this is my kitten

Photographs are an important visual medium in telling a story, a memory, a moment, a fleeting time of your life. With digital cameras becoming the best thing out there to record every snapshort of your life - significant or not, less and less photos are being printed on those glossy small bits of paper. And what a shame. No matter how vibrante the computer screen may be, nothing beats physically holding a memory.

Every so often, take some photos to process. You won't regret it.