Friday, February 19, 2010

sure know love when you feel it

What's good about people not knowing about your blog existing is that you can write when you feel like it because there is no expectation of a new entry. I feel like writing today. After some mental note taking and some talking to myself, it's time to release those thoughts...

Nearly five empty days have past as half term draws to a close. I had thought this would be an impeccable opportunity to honestly charge up my energy levels (as I had been awfully tired in the last term, daily) for the new term beginning. I don't know how but some attending art museums, some hanging out at the cinema and some working at my Saturday job has worn me out completely -- and I still have a big pile of unfinished homework to attend to. I can see myself resorting to some energy drink which I've always disproved of being "sugar water". No doubt I'm correct but if it really does give you energy, even for a little while, I'm willing to give Red Bull a sip or some pseudoephedrine - alas! Blame Glee!

On that note, Glee is a pretty epic show, no? Sure it's all high-school and musical but it contains something High School Musical lacks - a nifty script of humour, moral, and truth. There's something unreal and unrealistic about it but aren't all shows filled with what we wish to be reality (no question mark. It's a fact.) Thank God Glee sets apart from the other teenage entertainment as it is very earnest -- and bonus marks for not being cheesy and cringeworthy!

Oh what am I doing talking about my lame half term and Glee? Let's talk heart-shaped-cut-out-on-the-back-of-a-polka-dot-dress-utterly-amazing-much-duh!

From New Look. It is rather lovely but I'm not a big fan of polka dots. I won't be buying this (ok maybe if it's in the sales) because I live in England and true to what everyone says, English weather is unpredictable. So I would have to wear a vest under it, a cardigan over it, a coat, a scarf, tights and everything else. That would ruin the dress and the emphasis on the back would go unnoticed.

Having said that, is it awful of me to wish global warming to hit England asap? 


Fenny said...

such a cute dress!
thanks for sweet comment

Rebecca Lau said...

i saw exactly the same dress in New Look today, but it was floral, i was tempted to buy it too but realised the crap u.k weather would ruin it, and wearing a cardigan over the dress results in the heart cutting to be existent :(