Friday, January 29, 2010

aspire style

This post is purely born out of absolute boredom although the contents mentioned in this post deserve more recognition than that of an unknown blog. The cute little boutique I'll be talking about today is called Aspire and you can shop them here. I've been lucky to be shown the shop by a friend and we spent a good part of the day in there, falling in love with everything. And at home, I have spent the best part of an hour, on several occasions, drooling over my keyboard. In the end, I have chosen my five favorite pieces shown below.
Dandy Purse - £21.95
Compact Mirror with Vintage Stamp design - £8.95
Tin Birds - £3.95
Yumi Kate lace dress - £55.00
Lavish shopper - £45.00

The best part of all is that everything on the website is very reasonably priced - especially for a boutique. The quality is exceptional and the designs are like no other. The shop is beautifully presented too: fine lace mats, shiny mirrors that hold the jewels so carefully, vintage tables and a eye-catching window display. If you're ever in Warwick, Stratford or Oxford, be sure to pay them a visit!

For a school-girl, that's me, who was kinda brought up to save money rather than spending it; a £22 purse is a little out of my league. But I'm determined to treat myself (if I've done well in my exams) with the perfect purse - it has so many compartments! - which, no doubt, will last me til it's worn out (which, no doubt, I will let it ever be worn out).

Alright, that it is all.

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