Sunday, March 28, 2010


I think when your interest in fashion was born after your love for art; you kind of develop an enthusiasm that is a bit of both - fashion illustration. What better way to show why I am particularly fond of it other than showcasing a Manolo Blahnik drawing? Admittedly, I'm not familiar with his work at all. But his drawings stamp such a firm print in my head that I go flipping through some recent Vogues so I can take some pictures of them (I only found one, as you can see).

His drawings are perfect: the shape, the fine details, the way light reflects off it and of course the actual design. I can't draw shoes, period. No wait, I can't draw a lot of things... And I'm not even being modest. So it's no surprise I'm left extra amazed at his talent.

Oh and after Googling more designs, I discovered he actually has a book named - surprise surprise - Manolo Blahnik Drawings. Something I'll definitely be hunting down.

Monday, March 22, 2010


While ancient art is much easier to appreciate, modern art seems harder to understand and the worst insult of those who don't understand is to not even consider it art. "Nope, that's not art!" My dad would shout as we watch David Dimbleby's Seven Ages of Britain where some very expressive and imaginative artists were featured. I would shout back in my head, "what is art? How can it not be art when it channels fierce emotions?" The artist we disagreed about was Francis Bacon and the piece that made his name: 'Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion'.

It was first displayed after the Second World War (London's Tate I think) and it shows the brutal sufferings endured in the war. At first you can't really tell that it is, except perhaps: is that a chicken or summat in the middle? Then at a closer look, you see distorted parts of the human body combined harsh and grotesque but distinctively animal features. And it is this distortion that screams ruthlessness. There is no vision in the first painting as it is hidden by hair neither on the second for it's been taken away by a blindfold nor the third for the painter excludes eyes altogether, portraying a sense of uncertainty. It's certainly miserable and sad and repulsive and despairing.

Yet I still like it, even if it's not light and fluffy.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

this is my kitten

Photographs are an important visual medium in telling a story, a memory, a moment, a fleeting time of your life. With digital cameras becoming the best thing out there to record every snapshort of your life - significant or not, less and less photos are being printed on those glossy small bits of paper. And what a shame. No matter how vibrante the computer screen may be, nothing beats physically holding a memory.

Every so often, take some photos to process. You won't regret it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

sure know love when you feel it

What's good about people not knowing about your blog existing is that you can write when you feel like it because there is no expectation of a new entry. I feel like writing today. After some mental note taking and some talking to myself, it's time to release those thoughts...

Nearly five empty days have past as half term draws to a close. I had thought this would be an impeccable opportunity to honestly charge up my energy levels (as I had been awfully tired in the last term, daily) for the new term beginning. I don't know how but some attending art museums, some hanging out at the cinema and some working at my Saturday job has worn me out completely -- and I still have a big pile of unfinished homework to attend to. I can see myself resorting to some energy drink which I've always disproved of being "sugar water". No doubt I'm correct but if it really does give you energy, even for a little while, I'm willing to give Red Bull a sip or some pseudoephedrine - alas! Blame Glee!

On that note, Glee is a pretty epic show, no? Sure it's all high-school and musical but it contains something High School Musical lacks - a nifty script of humour, moral, and truth. There's something unreal and unrealistic about it but aren't all shows filled with what we wish to be reality (no question mark. It's a fact.) Thank God Glee sets apart from the other teenage entertainment as it is very earnest -- and bonus marks for not being cheesy and cringeworthy!

Oh what am I doing talking about my lame half term and Glee? Let's talk heart-shaped-cut-out-on-the-back-of-a-polka-dot-dress-utterly-amazing-much-duh!

From New Look. It is rather lovely but I'm not a big fan of polka dots. I won't be buying this (ok maybe if it's in the sales) because I live in England and true to what everyone says, English weather is unpredictable. So I would have to wear a vest under it, a cardigan over it, a coat, a scarf, tights and everything else. That would ruin the dress and the emphasis on the back would go unnoticed.

Having said that, is it awful of me to wish global warming to hit England asap? 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fashion for Relief Haiti

Some of the video is cut off, but none too major. Please help those in Haiti.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was one of the first designers who sparked my interest and fondness for fashion. He was the one who stood out for me amidst a sea of fashion shows. He taught me individuality and the beauty of audacity. He showed me avant garde where everything I set my eyes on of his powered me with an unlimited amount of energy and inspiration. In simple terms, he had liberated me from being just another clone of everyone else.

I am so devastated to learn of the death of an extraordinary designer who changed me so much on a personal level. His influence will be missed; his legacy will live on. My condolences are with all his family.

Rest In Peace Mr. McQueen.

Friday, January 29, 2010

aspire style

This post is purely born out of absolute boredom although the contents mentioned in this post deserve more recognition than that of an unknown blog. The cute little boutique I'll be talking about today is called Aspire and you can shop them here. I've been lucky to be shown the shop by a friend and we spent a good part of the day in there, falling in love with everything. And at home, I have spent the best part of an hour, on several occasions, drooling over my keyboard. In the end, I have chosen my five favorite pieces shown below.
Dandy Purse - £21.95
Compact Mirror with Vintage Stamp design - £8.95
Tin Birds - £3.95
Yumi Kate lace dress - £55.00
Lavish shopper - £45.00

The best part of all is that everything on the website is very reasonably priced - especially for a boutique. The quality is exceptional and the designs are like no other. The shop is beautifully presented too: fine lace mats, shiny mirrors that hold the jewels so carefully, vintage tables and a eye-catching window display. If you're ever in Warwick, Stratford or Oxford, be sure to pay them a visit!

For a school-girl, that's me, who was kinda brought up to save money rather than spending it; a £22 purse is a little out of my league. But I'm determined to treat myself (if I've done well in my exams) with the perfect purse - it has so many compartments! - which, no doubt, will last me til it's worn out (which, no doubt, I will let it ever be worn out).

Alright, that it is all.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

if there's one thing I've learnt about love...

I've learnt it the hard way.

Love shouldn't be a lightly used word yet I am using it and possibly you say, lightly. But truth to be told, teenage crushes can be pretty powerful too. I met this guy; we see each other every week. Despite not speaking very much, I always looked forward to seeing him - perhaps this time we'll speak one more sentence than the last time. We never did; I was too shy to start a conversation and he, oblivious to my silent eagerness. I thought I had all the time in the world to get to know him. Today, I found out he quit the class. I won't say "I will never see him again" because I might but I will never get a chance as good as the ones I had.

And the moral of the story is: if you like someone, be brave and go for it damn it! There isn't time to linger and hide behind shyness because one day, that person won't be available anymore.

Like I said my first entry, I can't afford designer nor even high end high street. But here, if you're interested, are my outfit details (head to toe)...

Scarf: Pashmina / Grey cardigan: New Look / Striped top & Skirt: Hand-me-down from cousin / Tights: Sainsbury's / Shoes: Select

Paris, sailor, strips, lace is in baby. Some advice? Don't buy anything that you can't wear after the craze has gone.

Friday, January 22, 2010

this is my gadget wish list

I don't consider myself as a materialistic person - but perhaps I am more materialistic than I think. I, love the excitement of buying new clothes; the feel of new gadgets sitting in your hands and the smell of new books as the pages turn.

Here is my very demanding and hence, wish list.

  • GHD straighteners
  • Ipod Touch
  • Olympus Pen Camera - if you don't know what this is, omg, it's amazing! Google it. Compact, vintage, but works like a big camera all in one.
  • Mac Book/Net Book - I have a laptop but I really want a more compact and stylish one.

And oh look, what's the trend for this season: nautical pieces.

Although I have a love for sailor-style despite not really owning any pieces falling into that style, I choose not to buy anything like it this season because I hate whirling into a tornado of trend-followers. If you don't want to be out of fashion, then never be in fashion.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I've always been doing well in school; to the extent where my family and friends have so much belief in me that I will do well and better than others in my exams. Yet I have never enjoyed their attention when they offer it to me, "I bet you got A*" or "You probably did amazing!" or "If that's what you got, then it must be right". They don't seem to question, at all, that the reason I worry so much about exams is because I do not perceive myself as able as they do. Sometimes their comments fuel me to be smug while other times it makes me feel guilty that this time, I might just shock everyone. Their belief in me doing well has built a wall of high expectations.

They expect me to do well and I expect to meet it. But when expectations are set so high, you can't blame life for not giving you what you wished. Instead, well-meant comments turn into perilous pressure and nothing which would help me to find these expectations.

Sometimes it heightens performance. However, it only has the opposite effect on me. It's hard not to feel pressure when it seems to come from every direction, pressing hard.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

no fashion lover, you press the delete button too much, kay?

There's just a couple, soz, a few things I'd like to say:

  • I'm not really a fashion lover. Hence the name: NO FASHION LOVER. But I'm interested in it enough to start a fashion blog.
  • I can't afford designer or high-end High-street. Bottom line: there's books to buy, books to study. Pens to buy, pens to do homework with.
  • I don't like people who don't wear enough. By that, I don't even mean people who reveal themselves too much (although I don't like that either!) What I mean is, you can wear enough to keep you warm as well as being fashionable. I don't agree with the: "she's not cold, it's fashion baby" thing.
  • There's a difference between wearing "gutsy" clothes and being fashionable.
  • I'm an anonymous bitch.

Over and out, No Fashion Lover.